Full Review is one of the most legitimate and happening websites on the internet since 2005. This website offers a platform for credible and real people to interact with each other. Seeking has a fast and free user-friendly system. This helps people to make arrangements in a real-time scenario. SeekingArrangement has the pretty strict privacy protect system and every day hundreds of thousand people are joining, so chances of getting a match are very high.


  • Rich Men Beautiful Women Serious Millionaire Dating
  • Casual Hookup Relatiinship With Successful Men and Attractive Women
  • Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby relationships: Including female sugar baby or male sugar baby, sugar daddy, sugar mommy, and gay sugar daddy relationships.


Successful people get a platform to interact and make arrangements according to their mutual interests. Benefits are there for both sugar daddies and babies. There are chances of meeting thousands of women from your locality sharing the same personal interest. Another important thing is you can put up related terms in a more promising way. There are no strings attached and hence relation experience will be redefined in a whole new perspective. Perfect choices can be made. It is easy to find a person who will cater to your needs. Sugar babies can get more experienced gentleman and can move ahead with a strong and stable relation experience. You can make arrangements easily and indulge in various shopping scenarios or an exotic travel vacation.

Just like Brandon Wade guaranteed there are more women than men on SeekingArrangement, so most of the sugar daddies on this site have at least one sugar baby in their lives. Thus, you will realize many experienced daddies here who are clear about their expectations from their sugar babies. Also the sugar daddies have a better plan for their arrangement, they can provides their sugar babies in terms of how long the relationship will last or how many times a week the partners will meet. If you are a sugar baby, you will have a clear knowledge as the sugar daddies are experienced and hence, you do not have to spend time waiting for the call or meet.


It offers a mutually beneficial relationship for various categories of people including sugar daddies, babies, and mamas; you will definitely get what you are looking for on this platform.

The whole system has a user-friendly working pattern. You can join this website without any hassles and regular memberships are free of cost. After making your account, you can define yourself in a credible way. There are options for you to add your photo and define your terms of relation so that interested people can easily look up on you. Your expectations can be put forth in your account. Seeking guarantees an ideal arrangement in a five day time period.


Arrangements are direct interaction between individuals. This reduces the time and increases the chance of getting the right hookups. Traditional relationships are all about interacting and understanding people. This is why most of them fail. Here it is made easy, as targets and goals are set forth in the starting point itself. This simplifies the whole process.


Depending on whom you are looking out for, seekingarrangement offers three kinkds of membership, including include the Standard, Premium, and Diamond Club membership. Male or female sugar babies are free to join and have access to all the premium features. Sugar daddies and sugar mommies can join the site for free but will have to upgrade to premium membership in order to use the complete feature-set:

Premium Membership

  • 1 month: $59.95 - $69.95
  • 3 months:$139.95
  • 6 months:$239.95

Diamond Club Membership: Per Year > $1000+

What is Diamond Club Membership: Only Sugar daddies or Sugar Mommies can apply for it. It comes with all the benefits of a premium membership while offering some additional privileges. Such as, it offers increased visibility in searches and it ensures that you verify identity, annual income and net worth. This will make their profile can get more attentions from others.

FEATURES OF SEEKING ARRANGEMENTS offers many arrangement benefits, some of them are as follows:

  • Share private photos
  • Real-time messaging
  • Active members from 139 countries
  • Member background verification
  • Exclusive Seeking arrangement parties


Here it offers you to directly state your expectations in your profile. This helps you to put up a relation accordingly. Needs and expectations can be defined in the profile, thus you can easily make choices. Every successful relationship is an agreement between two parties. Here you can list out your objectives and expectations. So if two people agree on each other’s expectation, then they can successfully go on a relation.

What's a Sugar daddy?

Sugar daddy is a person who has abundant financial resources with a redefined taste and perspective towards life. You can phrase them as modern gentlemen, looking forward to sharing their time and space for a meaningful relationship with mutual benefits. They pursue an extraordinary lifestyle, and can definitely impress a woman of same taste. Some common characters that can be seen are as follows:

  • Perfect balance of time
  • The Modern Gentleman
  • Luxurious lifestyle
  • Abundant resources

What is a Sugar Baby?

Sugar babies are young and attractive people looking forward to getting indulged in a high-quality lifestyle and experience new things. Sugar babies are always. Sugar babies are always ambitious and they always try to make relations on their terms, in order to expand their horizons and achieve their targeted goals. They always look towards building an economical stable relation. Sugar babies do not want to be in a monotonous, society driven relationships. Most of the members in this category are college educated individuals or college students. Their expectations from relation can be based on various target and goals. In most cases, it is career driven.


Seeking community has a large member database. There are around 10milliion active members. It includes 8 million sugar babies, 2 million sugar daddies, and mommas; this whole community is spread over 139 countries. These statistics prove that the probability of getting hooked up is very high.

If you are looking for goal driven dating, then seeking will be the right place for you. Seeking is a huge community and you can definitely make up arrangements from here. For all sugar daddies out there seeking is the right place to join and get hooked up. Statistics itself shows a 2:8 ratio; hence the probability of getting a right partner is high.


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