Full Review

Especially developed for gays and lesbian, is among the online dating sites for LGBT community that is worth a visit. With more than a hundred thousand of active members and counting, is primarily a great place to find a pool of individuals who are part of LGBT community who shares similar interest as yours. The platform is particularly popular among the group of younger population of such community.

Top Features

  • The sign up process is relatively easy. All you need to do is provide the details asked by the website like username, gender, email, username, birthday, and the type of individual you are interested or are looking for. After registrations, members can have an access to various website features, can upload cover photo, profile picture, and write something about oneself.
  • There is a free trial for individuals who are toying around the idea of joining the community but still have second thoughts. The free trial lasts for fourteen days. Individuals who tried this offer can upload profile photos, attachment, or pictures of standard quality. They can also browse not more than fifty profiles in a day and/or send messages to ten members.
  • The offers a platinum membership that allows users to have an access to more and upgraded features. This allows members to upload high quality images, send unlimited number of messages, browse the profile in the list, and start making friends. When it comes to searching for a particular person that can catch your interest and perhaps become your potential match, the platinum membership will allow you to narrow down your options with the aid of advance search features. Pros and Cons


  • With 100,000 members, the chances of finding your potential match increases.
  • The free trial that last for fourteen days is simply perfect for individuals without more than enough budget to pay for the membership or those who simply want to know whether the website does offers great member experience.
  • The dating website has members from around the globe; hence, you can also broaden your reach. Isn't it fun to make friends with individuals from different countries?
  • It has the features essential in making a member's experience remarkable.


  • Signing up may take a little time, as there are a number of information that you need to provide.
  • Frequent advertisement should be expected when you choose the free trial
  • Other than the two mentioned cons, perhaps needs to invite more members. The more, the merrier!

Final Verdict

Being a gay or lesbian should not be a huge hindrance in finding your soul mate. There are countless individuals with sexual preference like yours. You only need to find them and is one of the best place to start the search.